The abbi insights chatbot makes mobile research fun, rapid and far more powerful to any organization.

abbi pioneers research with the latest mobile technology. Starting with the respondent, abbi offers a highly engaging chat experience that delivers rich and meaningful data. The result is dramatically improved quality and speed of business decision making.

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Our mobile technology ensures a continuous connection with your audience.

Continuous innovation based on all that mobile technology has to offer makes it possible for abbi to combine behavioral and conversational research when they really matter, with insights being reported real time.

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Successful organizations are well connected with their audience and generate the best insights into their behavior and motivations at relevant moments and places.

Who is abbi?

Who is abbi?

abbi is a mobile chat research solution, developed with a human touch.

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No boring questionnaires but mobile chats

No boring questionnaires but mobile chats

Contrary to traditional research, mobile chat research via abbi is fast, simple and fun.

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From data to real-time insights

From data to real-time insights

Mobile data collection is processed real-time into insights, that can be visualized in attractive dashboards.

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Reach, activate and connect your target group

Reach, activate and connect your target group

From the abbi insights & activation platform your target group is reached and activated in a contemporary and effective way with the help of hybrid messaging.

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Discover the added value of abbi insights

The benefits of chat research

Mobile chat research is fun, in the moment, fast and simple and increases your response rates.

Higher response through mobile activation

By using mobile messaging we activate respondents at the moments that matter, ensuring high response rates.

Combined behavioral and conversational insights

abbi combines behavioral data collection with “in the moment” chat questions to find out the reasons why behind this behavior.

Continuous innovation in mobile research

abbi is getting smarter and is continuously implementing the latest digital developments, always driven by international market and customer needs.

Self-service or full service

Use the abbi chat engine to script and plan the chats and/or analyze and visualize the insights yourself or to leave this to abbi.

Database enrichment

Enrich your own customer data by adding abbi data directly to your own customer databases.

Location recognition

Triggered by location recognition, abbi will ask chat questions at the moments and locations that really matter.

Realtime reporting

Insights are visualized real-time in attractive dashboards.

Conversation Engine

Research chats are created and scripted in the conversation engine, whereby profiles can be used to determine exactly who will receive the chat questions.

abbi: the mobile chat research solution

abbi can be used as an app, as a browser solution or bring abbi inside an existing application as an API white label solution. Whatever the appropriate solution is, abbi is fast, easy, innovative and independent.

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