Who is abbi?

abbi is a mobile research solution provider that helps organizations capture customer or target group data in a fun, easy and attractive way to create a better research experience that leads to better decision making and effective marketing activation.

abbi is mobile

abbi (Automated Behavioral Business Intelligence) is a new independent data technology company that enables research by fully capitalizing on features of today’s smartphone. abbi has been developed with the most important (data) source as a starting point: everyone that is hyperconnected via mobile. Hence, the core of abbi’s proposition embraces and pivots around mobile technology. abbi not only wants to establish valuable relationships with clients on a national and international level but also with synergistic business partners.

abbi is fun

Conventional market research is typically a dull and laborious process. The abbi chatbot eliminates these notorious frustrations and transforms research into a fun and low-friction process that captures data with respondents’ permission combining convenient online chat to uncover the underlying reasons behind answers. Respondents chat as if they are talking with their best friend!

abbi is quick and focused on those golden moments!

abbi recruits and activates insights communities by using mobile (push/sms/voice/whatsapp) messaging. Then abbi collects its data from behavioral and conversational research. abbi observes behavior and, as a chatbot, asks respondents at the right time, in the right place for feedback and opinions on their experiences. This data is analyzed and visualized real-time. Moreover, abbi can enable you to quickly select specific target groups so that the right chats or relevant communication with the right respondents can be activated at any time.

abbi is chat with the human touch

People are inextricably connected with their smartphone. If you want to be in constant contact with your target group, the smartphone is the device that can quickly and easily collect essential data to get the best insights. We do this in a way that people feel is native: via chat. abbi is at your audiences’ finger tips. But if a respondent does not agree or has specific questions, the chatbot abbi will accommodate genuine human contact, providing the personal touch in that instance.

abbi adapts to your look & feel

A branded look & feel makes abbi trusted for your customers which leads to the best user experience and response rates. Therefore abbi always creates the chat research interface in close contact with your marketing communication team.

abbi is continuously evolving

The latest developments in mobile research and activation technology, which are driven by national and international market requirements, are being added so that abbi continuously evolves and becomes smarter.

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