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abbi creates mobile research communities to interact and co-create with residents, consumers, customers, employees, supporters, donors, stakeholders, ... in order to increase their involvement, commitment and loyalty.

abbi also helps to find, attract and bind new target groups, always and everywhere. Collecting relevant target group data in a fun, easy and attractive way is key to connect organizations with their audience. An engaged customer is a loyal customer. Important success factor is that the recruitment and remuneration of the community member takes place in close cooperation with our clients.

Know what is really going on with your audience

With abbi you can enter into a dialogue with your target group innovatively and engage them in your brand. By being engaged, your audience are intrinsically willing to contribute and co create, especially when you share results and actions based on the input they provided.

Outcomes to substantiate decisions and direction.

abbi generates real-time insights from your target group, which you can use as a basis to confirm that the business decisions you have made and the directions you took are right. But when the results of the chat surveys are not consistent with your direction, you have hard evidence to back the necessary adjustments.

Engaged customers are loyal customers

Research shows that when customers are engaged in your brand, they become more loyal. They return more often and start spending more. Their level of engagement spirals when they know their opinion is heard by showing what happened with their contribution. At that point, engaged customers become loyal customers.

Continuous research that aligns with the day-to-day behavior of the respondent

By regularly conducting short chat surveys, research becomes more effective, more fun and more relevant to respondents. They no longer have to take 20 minutes to complete a dull, long questionnaire, but conversely, answer short chat questions when it suits. During lunch, work, whilst on the train, in the evening, before bedtime, etc. This approach gels closely with the day-to-day lifestyle of respondents, which improves the response, particularly the younger generation. This makes the data more reliable and more useful.

  • An engaged customer or target group becomes more loyal
  • Periodic research that is close to daily behavior is more effective than incidental traditional research
  • Customer or target group are central, so you show that they really matter

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