Mobile chat research

By making use of all the possibilities that mobile technology has to offer, abbi activates and strengthens the connection with customers and target groups on the basis of real-time data collection that is directly processed into valuable insights.

Which sport(s) do you practice?
I play tennis, rugby, skiing, fitness and other sport(s).
Awesome, thanks! Which other sport(s) are you practicing?
I also play indoor football.
Table tennis
Indoor football

abbi is a mobile research chatbot that is activated with mobile messages that ensure a sustained high response rate. This means no more boring, long, poorly timed questionnaires, dismal response rates and long fieldwork times. With abbi chat research you always have instant access to the desired insights of your target group. Fast, simple and up-to-date.

Observed behavior triggers chat questions

With the consent of the respondents, abbi signals where people are located (location recognition based on geofences). This makes it possible to trigger chat questions to get behind the reasons why, just at the right place, at the right moment.

Several types of chat questions

Short chats are template-driven but the respondent will always feel like they are chatting with a real person rather than undertaking a monotonous survey. abbi makes the chat flow more interactive and dynamic by for example, adding different types of question, (open / closed), placement of sliders, uploading photos/videos and offering swiping preferences. This way you can maneuver through the conversation and get the best insights.

Activation with hybrid messaging

Chat surveys can be activated in different ways. This can be done via e-mail, but much more effective is hybrid messaging. abbi determines whether or not respondents have blocked push notifications. If this is the case, they will receive an SMS instead of a push message, which guarantees that the respondent is actually reached. This way, abbi delivers higher response rates and a better data quality compared to conventional research methods.

Everything happens with the consent of the respondent

All information provided by respondents to abbi or its clients is collected with the explicit consent of the respondents. abbi communicates clearly, transparently and with the utmost integrity. Respondents are clearly informed about their privacy rights.

  • Higher response thanks to hybrid message activation
  • Happy respondents thanks to fast, easy and fun chats instead of long questionnaires
  • Insights at the moments that matter, through behavioral recognition
  • Simple selection and activation of the right target group

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