Conversation Engine

Research chats are created and scripted in the abbi conversation or chat engine. You decide very easily in advance who you want to approach at what time and where.

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Chats are ready to be sent in an easy and fast way. abbi makes it possible to select who you want to approach and at what time. Very easily you reach the target group that you have in mind at the moment that matters. You can choose do this yourself or simply leave it to abbi.

Approach the right respondents in the right place at the right time

With the abbi conversation engine, you can easily determine yourself which respondent groups to reach out to with a number of chat questions. So it may be that audience A receives a chat in the evening at location X and target group B the next morning at location Y. Chats are activated with hybrid messaging.

Easily select target groups based on previous chats

abbi research is contextual, because the abbi conversation engine stores the chats as separate events in the abbi database. This way respondents can be approached again later at moments that matter on the basis of answers provided from previous chats. This also makes chats more personal and therefore more relevant.

Simply define the desired “routing” in the chat research

You can determine the scripting and routing (direction) of the conversation in the abbi conversation engine. Based on the answers that are given, one respondent may be routed to different chat questions compared with another respondent. This makes chat research more personal and relevant.

Create different types of questions

In the abbi conversation engine you can easily create many types of questions such as open and closed questions, priorities, sliders etc. Depending on your organization you can do this yourself in the conversation engine that features an excellent User Experience (UX). But if you prefer, the experienced abbi research team can carry this out for you.

  • Respondents are approached in a more personal and relevant way
  • Extremely easy scripting and target selection with an excellent UX
  • Great flexibility and differentiated target group approach from chat history

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