abbi is getting smarter

abbi’s innovation roadmap is continuously being aligned with market demand. Mobile research methods are being expanded at a rapid pace and the latest digital developments will be implemented.

As abbi collects and integrates more data, machine learning will also be applied aiming to help organizations not only to understand behavior, but also to anticipate behavior, so that they can segment and personalize more effectively.

abbi roadmap

Machine learning

The more data collected, the smarter abbi and thus your organization becomes. With machine learning you learn faster more about your intended target group and you know better which choices and decisions you have to make for who. This involves continuous enrichment of customer profiles and attribution modeling, as a result of which the goal of market research is increasingly shifting from understanding to predicting, anticipating and influencing.


abbi innovates continuously, also with regard to the ways in which respondents can be reached and activated. It is already possible to do this with voice messages, which you can have spoken by, for example, the CEO of your company, the mayor of your municipality or a well-known person that respondents relate to. Higher response and a better user experience assured.

  • Through our partnership with mobile tech thought leader, abbi and your organization can be confident that they are at the cutting edge of mobile developments
  • abbi combines a passive and active data collection in a human way
  • Because abbi is becoming more and more intelligent, the goal to understand behavior shifts to predicting the behavior of your target group

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