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Traditional research methods are often slow, as a result of which the results cannot be collected in time or are already outdated when the reports are delivered. The need for insight into the target group's in the moment opinion in order to make fast and effective choices is growing. Abbi responds to this by making smart use of mobile technology. If you want a relevant and activating conversation between organisations and their target groups, then mobile technology is essential. It is the number one personal communication device, where everything comes together. Abbi is all about mobile-first, but certainly not mobile-only, because there are also situations where activation via e-mail still works better. In fact, for various campaigns we even activate via outdoor and print! Although those media are usually too slow for effective quick polls.

By really engaging in a dialogue with respondents, Abbi not only listens but can also respond to answers with an immediate follow-up.


Inretail, the largest trade organisation in non-food (e)retail in The Netherlands, makes intensive use of Abbi's chat surveys to gauge the opinions of its members quickly and effectively. Via SMS messages to its members, the response is much quicker, resulting in an infographic with the results being available within 48 hours. The outcome can even be followed real time, also by the respondents. Fast, fun & easy.

The result

A much better and faster response, allowing Inretail to stay on top of current affairs and thus to better fulfil its lobbying role as a sector organisation and give advice to members and stakeholders. Moreover, the Abbi chat dialogue offers Inretail the possibility to immediately and effectively activate feedback in a follow-up dialogue or communication campaign. This way, members experience that Inretail not only listens, but also acts on their input in their interest.

Henrike Bijlstra

Senior market researcher at Inretail

We use Abbi to quickly measure the impact of events on our members' business operations. This is a group of entrepreneurs who are usually hard to reach, but by activating Abbi's chat surveys with SMS messages, we realize an enormous response to current issues within two days.

Abbi's benefits

  • Abbi is fast, smart, creative and engaged
  • Abbi offers real time outcomes
  • Abbi provides activation opportunities with smart mobile solutions

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