Always on top of the voice of your customer, relation, or employee

It is the basis of every successful organisation: continuously listening to 'the voice of the customer' to gain insight into the customer experience. And listening to what motivates and drives employees. But just listening is not enough and because of the boring way in which this often happens, many people are tired of research. Organisations still insufficiently enter into a real dialogue with their customers and employees. A missed opportunity! With a personal dialogue, in which feedback is immediately activated, you will be right on track to turn your customer and/or employee into a loyal fan.

Red je Pakketje

As a fast growing parcel delivery company, Red je Pakketje (RJP) specialises in Same Day delivery. Red je Pakketje always puts the customer first and offers convenience with its services. The driver is on your doorstep when you are at home and not 'somewhere between 1 and 6pm'. They see their parcel deliverers as the business card of web shops.

To deliver on this promise, the customer experience must be measurable at moments that really matter. The point is, however, that people are overwhelmed with feedback tools that do not challenge them to participate. With Abbi, RJP enters into an automated personal dialogue with its customers via a short chat. How does it work? Simple: the recipient can start the conversation via an SMS message immediately after receiving the parcel. The Abbi chat facilitates customers who are dissatisfied to report this and customers who are satisfied... they can express this by giving a tip to the deliverer directly in the chat.

The result

Happy customers, happy employees. The customer feedback automatically flows into RJP's IT systems, so they can quickly improve where necessary and also immediately provide insight into customer satisfaction per delivery driver based on KPIs. RJP's motto is 'Think Different' and the Abbi solution fits this motto perfectly. By using Abbi, RJP measures and activates the voice of the customer: fast, pleasant, and effective.

Renno Welberg

CCO at Redjepakketje

Red je Pakketje is a tech company that delivers parcels with a focus on customer experience. Therefore, we want to know exactly how the receiver experienced our service. With Abbi, we can go much deeper than with reviews where you only get 1-5 star ratings. For example, we know that 92% of the recipients saw a smile on the driver's face and we also know whether the driver drove safely in the neighbourhood. This enables us to steer for quality internally and to always stay one step ahead of the rest of the market with the quality of our service.

Abbi's benefits

  • Abbi ensures a better customer experience
  • Abbi is fast, 'in the moment' with real time results
  • Thanks to our smart mobile technology, you are in direct dialogue with your target group

Want to know more?

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