Client panel Abbi style

A branded client panel is a platform that offers organisations the opportunity to start a continuous conversation with a group of involved customers. Abbi focuses on the respondent by only approaching them in a highly personalized manner about what is relevant to them. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is used for this personalized approach. Customer profiles are built up from various sources. Automatic 'workflows' then select and activate the relevant groups for various purposes: new research, effective communication, invitations to events, etc. Activation of the (chat) questionnaires can be done via e-mail, SMS and/or telephone approach. The new data then flows back into the central platform (CDP), which continuously enriches the profiles. This way, follow-up research, communication and activation are always effective and relevant.

National Senior Citizens Panel

The ease of use of Abbi and the enormous willingness to chat and interact among senior citizens was the deciding factor for the largest senior citizens organisation in The Netherlands, KBO-PCOB, to set up the National Senior Citizens Panel in partnership with Abbi. In addition, Abbi helps to recruit new members and 'onboard' them into the panel with effective campaigns. Profiles are enriched in Abbi’s CDP platform and directly used for both targeted research and communication campaigns.

The result

A much better experience and response among the panel members of the National Senior Citizens Panel and an efficient feedback and communication platform, which allows KBO-PCOB to effectively realise their growth ambitions.

Gusta Willems

Head of communication and marketing at KBO-PCOB

Abbi is not only a very good partner in carrying out innovative market research and delivering the results in a contemporary way, they also like to think along in activating the results of the conducted research. This not only creates a win from the obtained insights, but also a win by immediately activating the results in a way that is relevant for the respondents.

Abbi's benefits

  • Abbi ensures better bonding and fast, effective decision-making
  • Abbi's chat experience provides a better experience for panel members with real time insight into outcomes
  • Abbi ensures that the voice of senior citizens can be instantly activated

Want to know more?

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