Conversational commerce

Abbi helps create and launch innovative mobile conversational marketing campaigns with the following goals:

  • Lead generation
  • Profile enrichment
  • Win back actions / after sales campaigns
  • Customer feedback as a basis for up- and cross-selling
  • Increasing conversion

Abbi's chatbot enables organisations to be in conversation with their target groups, using all the possibilities of mobile technology. Abbi integrates iDEAL payments, webshops and ticket sales in the chat conversations. This way, Abbi optimises the entire mobile customer journey, allowing organisations to start chat-dialogues at various contact points, but Abbi can also focus on specific parts of the customer journey, whichever suits your needs.

Rotterdam Zoo

Abbi and Diergaarde Blijdorp, also known as Rotterdam Zoo, joined forces for the Blijdorpert campaign. In Corona time, Blijdorp had the challenge of being closed for long periods or receiving very limited visitors.

The result

The combination of enrichment of the CRM database and the possibility to handle multiple transactional fundraising solutions in one chat dialogue, makes the Blijdorpert campaign much more successful than outdoor campaigns that were used before. The easy way of starting a dialogue and asking fans to donate has therefore also been extended to online, socials and places in the Zoo itself.

Rob Beltman

Marketing Manager at Rotterdam Zoo 

What we were looking for was a way to ask everyone who cares about Rotterdam Zoo for support in three ways: make a direct donation, buy a t-shirt, or become an annual Zoo pass holder. Abbi set up an outdoor campaign for Rotterdam Zoo with a QR code and a nice chat dialogue, in which Rotterdam Zoo could also explain the possibilities in a video message. In this chat dialogue, people were able to instantly support, which would not have been possible with any other method. This made the campaign very successful.

Abbi's benefits

  • Abbi chats offer the best customer experience throughout the mobile customer journey
  • Abbi chat dialogues lead to the best conversion rates as they are relevant at the right time, with the right method in the right place
  • Abbi offers the possibility to complete transactions directly in one chat dialogue

Want to know more?

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