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No organisation, public or commercial, can no longer function properly without allowing the voice of its customers, members, users, volunteers or employees to continuously permeate, as an inspiration for improvement and renewal, that turn them into engaged loyal fans.

Abbi knows that many brands are looking for innovative ways to structurally listen to their customers and involve them in their organisation or brand. At the same time, we also know that customers are flooded with feedback tools that unilaterally collect opinions but do not engage in conversation. Giving your opinion as a customer or employee is often slow, one-way and not really relevant. As a consequence people become tired of research. They feel that organisations ask questions, but do not really listen and follow up in a relevant way. You are not challenged to participate.

Abbi believes that lively conversations between brands and people are valuable. They provide greater insight, a better experience and drive action. Mobile, chat-based technology makes such conversations not only possible, but personal, easy and scalable.

If you want a relevant and activating conversation between people and brands, then mobile technology is essential. It is the number one personal communication device where everything comes together. Mobile-first (not mobile-only!) is crucial!

I help organisations strengthen the bond with their audience by creatively using smart mobile technology to create innovative interactions between brands and people. What can you expect from me?

  • Abbi is innovative: With smart chat technology, we boost your ability to interact with your target group
  • Abbi is involved: We work together for success, are helpful and think along, making us an extension of your organisation/campaigns
  • Abbi is creative: Abbi always knows how to find a solution, a way to make it work and to make it distinctive. Challenge us!
  • Abbi is smart: Abbi is intelligent, but above all pragmatic and clever. This is reflected in our solutions and in our people.