Meet my friends

Abbi works with innovative partners with whom we feel connected and who fit well with our mission to help organisations strengthen the bond with their audience. We are happy to introduce them to you.

Mobile Marketing, Communication & Payments platform is co-founder of Abbi for a reason. For the most valuable mobile dialogues and therefore the best and most personal customer experience, the Abbi chatbot uses virtually all CM products such as SMS activation, payment and ticketing solutions, etc. As a partner of, the Abbi team thus offers the best and most innovative conversational research and marketing solutions for its customers.
Jeroen van Glabbeek
Mobile campaigns and fundraising for charities
With mobile journeys, MIC helps its clients to activate their target group in a fun and accessible way. We believe that a relevant message, at the right time and on the device most people can reach, makes an impact. Abbi’s chat solution offers an important extension of MIC's mobile journeys. The partnership with Abbi helps us to offer our clients the best full service solution to really touch people and create a valuable connection with the organization.
Maricken Hengeveld
Innovative solutions for complex social issues
Abbi helps us to establish a sustainable relationship with our target groups. Together, we give more substance to socially relevant networks. It suits both us and our target groups really well because it empowers working on social change through co-creation.
Femke Pluymert
Customer-centric social entrepreneurship driven by heart, head and hands
H3ROES brings governance into motion, that is where the Abbi solution and approach empowers us. Together we create change that is necessary to make organisations truly customer-centric. H3ROES stands for Head, Heart and Hands and this approach is also reflected in Abbi. For us, Abbi is smart technology (Head) with customer orientation in it’s DNA (Heart) and a clear focus on action (Hands).
Ronald Provoost
Digital support for healthcare professionals
Abbi sets a refreshing new standard for being in continuous contact with your audience, in our case carers and nurses.
Matthias van Alphen
DevOps solutions and custom managed cloud services
At Cloudbear, we see Abbi as a perfect partner because of the short lines of communication and their expertise in the field of product development, marketing and software development. This is a perfect starting point to jointly create a scalable platform on which campaigns of all sizes can run.
Wouter van Os