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Educational organisations, healthcare organisations and the public sector have many challenges, like finding well-trained staff or creating a burning platform for change. In order to face these challenges it is crucial to get feedback and buy-in from your key stakeholders. The abbi feedback chatbot in combination with with mobile activation messages helps and facilitates you to effectively connect with your audience and optimize their engagement.

In parallel with our increasing life expectancy, the need for staff is also growing. Unfortunately the healthcare sector faces a continuously shrinking workforce.

How to make working in healthcare more attractive?

With the mobile abbi insights app a healthcare organisation can easily connect with its staff and find out the needs and challenges and instantly act on it. Your staff will feel heard and valued which makes them more engaged and their job more attractive.

The benefits of abbi insights

  • Instant feedback of employees and clients
  • Be continuously in connection with your key stakeholders
  • Follow up on the feedback with relevant mobile messages
  • Use the chatbot for effective communication

Connect better with your students

Many universities face a high drop out rate in the first year. What causes this and how can this be solved or at least reduced?

How to avoid drop out?

abbi connects in a contemporary and fun way with students. By using the chatbot to get feedback abbi follows their daily behavior which results in better and faster response. The obtained feedback can be followed up instantly, either by seeking for individual contact or by taking faculty wide measures. The abbi chatbot can also be used for course evaluations.

The benefits of abbi insights

  • Better and faster response
  • Follow up on the feedback with relevant mobile messages
  • Improve your educational services
  • Be better connected with both students and teachers
  • Teachers can use the the feedback directly in their next lesson

Resident participation

Resident participation is crucial for local governments to take the right measures in order to achieve as broad a basis for their social responsibility. The challenge however is to make residents willing to give feedback, knowing that asking them to fill out a long boring survey no longer works.

How to empower resident participation?

The abbi chatbot askes the questions in a fast and fun way, can instantly share the insights and follow up on the feedback. By continuously applying this, their engagement and trust of residents in local governments as well as their willingness to participate in local challenges will grow.

The benefits of abbi insights

  • Efficient communication with residents
  • More engaged residents lead to more support for local decision making
  • More effective communication and activation of local services by using mobile messaging

More benefits of abbi insights

Better and faster response

Better and faster response

By using mobile activation and a mobile interface your instantly capture the attention of the respondent which increases both the response rates and the speed of data collection.

Powerful communication

Powerful communication

By using mobile messaging in combination with a combined research and informative chat script the insights can directly be used for effective communication.



You can integrate the abbi chatbot in your existing IT architecture or use abbi’s app or web applications to connect with your audience, always in the look & feel of your brand.

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