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A seamless integrated online and offline customer experience is crucial for the success of a retailer. A retailer must be there where the customer is. abbi enriches client data on all touchpoints of the customer journey in order to help retailers to offer a personalized customer experience.

abbi activates customer feedback by connecting directly with for instance payment transactions or by using mobile messages at the moments that matter. The mobile chatbot can easlly be integrated in existing applications. abbi also provides the mobile tooling to set up client panels as web, app or API solution.

How do we map the customer journey?

Mapping experiences on all touchpoints of the customer journey

Chatbot abbi asks the right questions at the right time at the right place. For instance when your customer is in a shopping mall or receives an online order at home. These insights help retailers to optimize the customer journey and increase conversion and customer loyalty.

Net Promoter Score

Activate abbi to ask the NPS question exactly at the right moment, when the customer experience is still fresh and do not forget to ask for the reason why a customer is a promoter or a detractor: better response, better data better decisions!.

Product reviews

Did a customer make an online of offline purchase? Then abbi helps you to instantly collect product reviews. These reviews can be automatically generated by connecting with ERP or CRM systems. The review requests are activated with mobile messages at the moments that matter most.

Mystery shopping

Retailers and brands want to measure the quality of their in store customer contact services. With abbi you can send real consumers to your stores with a specific task and let them share their experiences at the moment that matters. The results are instantly available, so a retailer can directly intervene when needed.

Client panels

If you really want to use the voice of the customer in your decision making processes, then set up a client panel with engaged customers that are willing to bring up new ideas. They can also be involved in the testing of new products or services before these are widely implemented.

The benefits of using abbi insights

Better and faster response

Better and faster response

By using mobile activation and a mobile interface your instantly capture the attention of the respondent which increases both the response rates and the speed of data collection.

Powerful communication

Powerful communication

By using mobile messaging in combination with a combined research and informative chat script the insights can directly be used for effective communication.



You can integrate the abbi chatbot in your existing IT architecture or use abbi’s app or web applications to connect with your audience, always in the look & feel of your brand.

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