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Digitize touchpoints along the customer journey.

Financial services companies are looking for new ways to digitize the customer journey in order to make their services more relevant and user friendly at the right touchpoints at the right time, without harming the quality and privacy regulations of the service. It is this combination that is a big challenge in an industry that more and more requires customized trusted solutions for individual customers.

How to digitize the customer journey?

For banks, insurance companies and intermediary channels (re)gaining trust still is a key success factor. The financial sector therefore strives for the best connection with both customer and other stakeholders. This all starts with collecting the right customer data and listening to them very carefully.

The abbi insights chatbot provides many new opportunities in the area of customer research, effective communication and even more transactional goals.One of these is to connect the abbi chatbot with an existing IT architecture. This makes it possible to script a chat that is perfectly customized for the personal situation of a customer. The feedback can instantly be activated into relevant communication, both in the chat and with mobile messages that are sent to the customer after they finished a chat survey.

Digitize the customer journey

  • Direct customer feedback on all relevant touchpoints
  • Instantly activate the feedback with mobile messages
  • Script chats also for effective communication or transactional purposes

How to strengthen the connection with customers and advisers?

abbi askes for feedback that is instantly visualized. The new customer insights are directly activated with effective mobile communication. This way the customer experience is efficiently optimized with the help of a smart chatbot.

abbi helps you to better connect with your customers advisers.

  • Obtain new customer insights with fast feedback
  • Instantly activate the feedback
  • Use the chatbot to plan meetings and and process claims

The benefits of abbi insights

Better and faster response

Better and faster response

By using mobile activation and a mobile interface your instantly capture the attention of the respondent which increases both the response rates and the speed of data collection.



You can integrate the abbi chatbot in your existing IT architecture or use abbi’s app or web applications to connect with your audience, always in the look & feel of your brand.

Powerful communication

Powerful communication

By using mobile messaging in combination with a combined research and informative chat script the insights can directly be used for effective communication.

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