Market research reinvented

Thanks to the mobile chat solution in combination with push activation based on behavioral triggers, abbi is collecting "in the moment" data for many types of research that then is processed real-time into insights.

12% 8% 7% 5%

93% of respondents participating in a research-on-research study prefer chat surveys over traditional surveys (Source: GRIT Report 2019)

Real-time insights

abbi interacts with people at the moments that matter and continuously collects data based on their mobile behavior and chats. We link this data back to our clients real time. This can be done in various ways. By providing a database that our clients use for detailed data analysis or by real-time visualization in interactive dashboards, in which the data is directly converted into valuable insights. Always simple and fast.

abbi is powered by 20 years of market research experience

Need research

Find out the wishes and needs of your target group.

Customer journey

Enrich customer data across all relevant touchpoints of the customer journey, from browsing to buying.

Data integration

abbi enriches existing databases to make the customer data and insights even more relevant and personalization more effective, leading to a better conversion and engaged loyal customers.

Mystery shopping

abbi is perfectly positioned to report findings from specific pre briefed assignments via mobile chat.

Employee satisfaction/engagement survey

abbi continuously connects with employees; mobile or via desk or laptop.

Image, brand experience and satisfaction survey

Quick in-the-moment impact measurements about how your organization or a proposition is perceived before and after specific actions.

Segmentation research

Use abbi to find the most relevant offer to the right target group.

Campaign effect measurements

What is the reach and impact of online and offline campaigns?

Concept testing

How are new business concepts valued by your target group and what needs to be improved to be truly successful?


Use abbi for all customized solutions to collect and activate the very best data. Better experience, better response and data capture lead to better decisions!

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