About abbi insights

abbi insights BV is a new innovative data technology company working in partnership with CM.com. It was founded by Marco Wolters who has 20 years of experience in market research and a track record of global business development.

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abbi is developed with the most important (data) source as its starting point: the respondent, hyperconnected by mobile.

Collecting relevant data from respondents in a way that is as fun, easy and motivating as possible is key.

Our conviction and the abbi team

The abbi idea and business concept was conceived and developed by Marco Wolters, in cooperation with tech partner CM.com. Marco and CM are connected through 20 years of experience in market research, mobile technology and entrepreneurship.

The idea to start with abbi was triggered by the glaring opportunity to transform market research, which has been often very inefficient, slow, redundant and boring and because too often there is so little action-oriented use of generated customer insights, while these are crucial to have a sustainable competitive advantage. These two reasons are strongly related.

Our conviction is that organizations and their audience are brought closer together when all the possibilities that mobile technology has to offer are smartly utilized and the respondent is seen as a person and not as a respondent. When you are continuously connected to your target group and manage to stay as close as possible to their daily mobile behavior, the best insights emerge. It is important to make data collection as fast, easy and attractive as possible.

To achieve this, we only think in terms of solutions and opportunities. But we cannot do this without a strong international tech partner.

After all, our conviction is that the future of market research lies in the hands of tech companies. With CM we have found this partner, with a strong team of front and back-end developers.Gilbert Gooijers, founder of CM, is convinced that only a passion for innovation and mobile technology leads to new opportunities for companies. But of course the quality of the data and the insights remains crucial in making the right choices.

Therefore, we work with the best statisticians and data analysts, who are responsible for the quality of the outcomes of both the descriptive insights and the prediction models, including data integration and attribution modeling. For client projects we have experienced project managers to coordinate resources within the agreed timescales and budget. We provide ‘end to end’ support with one abbi contact who is responsible for the entire scope of the research project.

abbi also delivers mobile tools to follow up and activate feedback in a super effective and personal way.

Marco frequently speaks about changing consumer behavior at future oriented conferences and seminars.

Marco Wolters - Managing partner/founder abbi insights

We reinvent and increase the added value of market research by continuously innovating with all the possibilities that mobile technology has to offer. After all the customer relationship of the future is digital and mobile. We make research better, faster and more effective by making the feedback actionable with effective communication or transaction based goals. abbi helps you by delivering both the research services and the tooling to do it yourself.

Ine Polak - Client Solution Manager

At abbi we listen to you very carefully. Our mission is to help you to listen to your audience in order to be better connected and able to instantly act on what keeps them busy. Only then you remain relevant!

Koen Tuerlings - Product Development Manager

In our chat scripts the human factor plays an important role. It is all about the right timing, the right tone of voice and the right user experience. Also the follow up must be super relevant. Only then can we empower our clients with the best data and strengthen the connection with their target groups.


abbi’s pricing is based on your client needs. Think of the possibilities of ad hoc or continuous research, an 'in app' API solution or research via the abbi research app, self-service scripting of the questions in the abbi chat engine and integrating / analyzing / activating the data in the abbi insights & activation platform yourself or have it done by abbi. These are all decisive choices to make in order to determine the right price and work out a customized proposal.

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